FSL Active 3-Way Far-Field Loudspeaker

"Big Sound!"
These speakers are voiced to give you an impressive "big sound" from speakers that don't take up a huge space. Standing just over three feet tall, twelve inches wide and fifteen inches deep, these speakers won't appear intrusive in any room. These speakers are also perfect for home theater use! Forget about cube speakers, or those 2.1 computer speaker systems - if you have a projection system or even a big screen TV, these speakers will complete the true theater experience!

Show off your mixes
Anyone will be impressed with your mix if you turn it up on these! This pair of speakers has been meticulously voiced to 'hide' unpleasant sounding ranges of the audio spectrum, while at the same time maintaining high-fidelity, realism, and intelligibility. The sealed enclosure design gives natural bass which will reach the lowest notes while remaining well-integrated with the midrange. Absolutely NO bookshelf or mid-field speaker can match this sound, even with subwoofers!

These speakers give you the option to use any amplifiers you prefer. We can help you decide depending on your power requirements and budget. These speakers have been voiced using our own class-AB amplifiers, and these are available at additional cost. Our recommended amplifier choice is the reliable QSC RMX series. Each speaker requires four amplifier channels (bridged mono for the woofer, one channel for the mid, one channel for the tweeter.)

Active Crossover
There are two versions of the active crossover available:
  -Behringer DCX-2496 with crossover preset entered for these speakers. (standard option)
  -Analog active crossover, with master volume control and balanced inputs/outputs.

Room Treatment tips included
The secret to getting the most out of your speakers is in the way you treat your listening space. In addition to our loudspeakers, we include advice on room treatment for the best listening experience.



-Big sound, great for presenting mixes or for home theater
    -Optimized anechoic frequency response from 40Hz-20,000Hz +/-3dB
-Relatively small size for high power loudspeakers
    -37" Tall x 12" Wide x 15" Deep (Overall, maximum dimensions)
-Flexible power amplifier options
-High quality drivers:
    -1 inch soft dome tweeter, 280W standard QSC amp
    -5 inch high power polypropylene sealed-box midrange, 280W standard QSC amp
    -10 inch high power polypropylene sealed-box woofer, 560W bridged QSC amp
-High quality construction:
    -3/4 inch braced MDF enclosure, flat black finish
    -Gold plated banana plug rear terminals
    -Thick, 14 gauge wiring throughout

Please email us with any inquiries, or to schedule a listening session.
Base price with DCX2496 crossover and without amplifiers is $4,000 USD/pair.


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