FE-210 Microphone

The FE210 is designed to be used where the quality of sound recorded is of utmost importance. The FE210 is a large diaphragm condenser, but in the form of a miniature pencil mic!

The basic FE210 is an outstanding multi-purpose microphone. It has a neutral tone, and the proximity effect allows the bass response to be adjusted simply by placement. In this version of the FE210 however, you have the opportunity to make this mic truly shine for a specific application, by installing an EQ circuit directly inside the mic body. Some sources that commonly benefit from similar EQ settings are: vocals, drum overheads, brass/stringed instruments, or diffuse field recording. You can even just select a general tone change for the microphone itself. While equalization cannot remove the basic 'sound signature' of the microphone, it is still a useful tool to speed up the process of mixing later.

We only produce this microphone with a cardioid pickup pattern because the large diaphragm inherently makes the microphone very directional at high frequencies, and we want to keep the frequency response as consistent as possible off axis. If you wish to special order an omnidirectional version, please contact us.

The capsule is a back-electret design.  That means the charge-holding electret material is located on the backplate, and not on the diaphragm. The diaphragm can be manufactured using the same process as a standard condenser microphone, and the low quality sound commonly associated with electret microphones doesn't apply here!

We make our microphones as customizable as possible, while still maintaining a professional construction as well as professional results. Just as in the FE210, you can choose whatever op amp you want to be used in the preamp, and we will put it in for you. That way, you can fine-tune the sound of our microphone to your liking. The op amps are a major contributor to the overall sound in this microphone because they are the only active components, and the final op amp must drive the microphone cable.

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-Cardioid pickup pattern
-22mV/Pa @ 1kHz
-High max SPL handling capability (>120dB: 1 kHz sine input)
-Low noise preamplifier

-No need for modification - choose your favorite single op-amp and we'll put it in for you!
     -OPA134 standard
-Requires external power supply, included with mic
-XLR impedance balanced output with gold plated contacts to prevent corrosion

-21mm diaphragm diameter (6um thickness)
-Rubber mounted electret cartridge for shock absorption and low handling noise
-Durable ¼" thick walled aluminum enclosure
-Convenient storage case


This microphone is still being developed.


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