FE-84 Microphone

FE-84-C / FE-84-O Description

The FE84 (previously FE-804) utilizes an 8mm aluminized mylar diaphragm, making it the smallest condenser in our Electret series lineup. It's distinct bright sound makes it especially suitable for close placement (utilizing the proximity effect), dull sources, or for recording far-field reverb tracks. This mic is sure to brighten the sound of any dull source. It will provide a noise-free recording, even on quiet or distant sources, and it will not distort on high SPL sources such as drums. It is extremely compact, which is great for an unobtrusive live recording setup, or for fitting into tight spaces.

Op-Amp Based Preamplifier:
These microphones are made standard with a Burr Brown OPA-134 opamp. This opamp provides excellent audio performance, low noise, and low power consumption. If you have a particular interest in opamps, we give you the option to choose whatever opamp you want to be used, and we will put it in for you. That way, you can fine-tune the sound of our microphone to your liking. See our Info page for a selection of opamps.

The capsule is hard-wired, and not removable to ensure reliability. We have found in other mics that have removable capsules, that sometimes the connection between capsule and preamp can develop faults (or not be screwed in all the way). Corrosion of the contacts can make the microphone intermittent, or introduce hum and other artifacts into the audio. These are things that need to be avoided in a live recording situation, and you may not notice them during a recording session when there are usually a lot of mics to keep track of.

With proper care (a microphone is a precision tool after all, and should be treated as such) our microphones will last for many years, without any maintenance required! Just in case, we offer a five year warranty for any problems you might have.

Internally biased capsule:
The capsule is a back-electret condenser design. The charge-holding electret material is located on the backplate, and not on the diaphragm. The diaphragm can be manufactured using the same process and materials as a standard condenser microphone. The low quality sound commonly associated with electret microphones doesn't apply here!

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-Optional cardioid / omnidirectional pickup pattern
-[0,-10,-20]dB internal pad
-18mV/Pa @ 1kHz with pad at 0dB
-High max SPL handling capability (139dB: @ 1kHz)
-Low noise preamplifier(19dBA self-noise)

-No need for modification - choose your favorite single op-amp and we'll put it in for you!
     Read about opamps here
-Requires phantom power
     -48V, minimum 12V.  Max preamp current draw 4mA (For OPA-134).
-XLR impedance balanced output with gold plated contacts to prevent corrosion

-8mm diaphragm diameter (3um thickness) aluminum-plated mylar
-Rubber mounted electret cartridge for shock absorption and low handling noise
-Durable, acoustically damped aluminum enclosure and protective screen
-Convenient miniature storage case

Shipping, Returns

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*Special op amp requests will take slightly longer to make, as we only stock standard microphones.

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*You may return any microphone for any reason within 30 days of purchase! (See our Return Policy)

FE84 Microphone:

Polar Pattern
XLR Color
Custom Op Amp (optional)

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