Mixing/Editing Service

If you want your music to sound professional, have it mixed by a professional!

We understand that it can be difficult to evaluate your own work objectively. It can also be difficult to mix in an environment that is not acoustically treated.

We have lots of experience mixing and editing all genres of music, so you can be sure that your track will come out sounding just like it should. We also have the facilities to create a professional sound. We use Pro Tools 7.4, with a large bank of VST and RTAS plugins. We use a combination of headphones, and several contrasting pairs of studio monitors to check our mixes on.


Editing: Send us your raw tracks, and we can fix musician errors, edit together takes, and more!

Mixing: Send us either raw consolidated audio tracks, or an entire Pro Tools session, and we can create a professional 2-channel mixdown of your song. You don't pay unless you are satisfied with the result!

Since there is such a wide variety of projects, we can't cover pricing for everything here. Please contact us for a quote on your project.


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