Our microphones are made as an inexpensive alternative to high priced mics, while at the same time they are hand crafted, customisable, and not mass produced. This unique combination allows more people than ever before to attain the finest quality of recorded sound.



Every studio should have a good set of farfield monitors. Our goal is to create a low cost speaker that performs well where it counts, and that you will look forward to working with every time you do a mix!

The essential practical requirements that were considered as we designed these speakers are: High max SPL, reliability, good low frequency extension, small size. The sound of these speakers has been meticulously tuned to provide the most pleasing experience possible. These speakers are voiced to impress your recording clients!

In addition, we have made the cost to you as low as possible while maintaining the performance you would expect in a fine studio grade loudspeaker.

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We build small class AB amplifier modules that you can integrate into your own speaker projects. Great for 2 or 3 way active systems.

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Editing/Mixing Services

Send us your raw tracks, (either by mail or by uploading to the internet) and we can produce a top-quality mix of your song! Click here for details.

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